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Title Prevalensi dan Faktor Determinan Penyakit Jantung di Indonesia (Prevalence and Determinants Heart Disease in Indonesia)
Collection Location Perpustakaan Sekretariat
Call Number Buletin Penelitian Kesehatan, 37(3):142-159
ISBN/ISSN 0125-9695
Author(s) Delima
Laurentia Mihardja
Hadi Siswoyo
heart diseases
Series Title
GMD Text
Publisher Badan Litbang Kesehatan Depkes R.I.
Publishing Year 2009
Publishing Place Jakarta
Collation 19p.
Abstract/Notes Blood circulation system diseases, including heart disease heart disease, have been increasing and become the first rank as main cause of death in Indonesia in 2000. Nationwide epidemiological data on it are still lacking.To asses the prevalence and determinants of heart disease in Indonesia. Baseline Health Research (Riskesdas) was a cross sectional study conducted in 440 regencies of 33 provinces, Indonesia in 2007. Two stages of sampling method were done, i.e. probability proportional to size linear systematic sampling to select the census blocks followed by linear systematic sampling to select households from National Socio-economic Survey Core 2007 sampling frame. Sample were respondents above 15 years old who answered the heart disease questions. Data were collected by direct interview and physical measurement by trained surveyors. Determinant factors studied were individual characteristic, demographic status, economic status, behaviors, anthropometric status, hypertension, and diabetes mellitus. Total respondents were 661 165 people. The heart disease prevalence was 9.2% (95% CI 9.0-9.4). It increased with age increasing and was higher in women, lower economic status, ever smoking behavior, alcohol consumption in the last 12 months, every day intake of fatty food, baked food, preserved food, people with diabetes mellitus, hypertension, obesity, and underweight. Prevalence tended to increase in lower education, in office workers, every day intake of sweet food, caffeine beverages, less consumption of fruits and vegetables, and insufficient physical activity. The dominant determinant factor was diabetes mellitus with 4.06% (95% CI 3.79-4.36) adjusted OR prevalence. Prevalence of heart diease in people above 15 years old in Indonesia was 9.2% and the dominant determinant was diabetes mellitus,
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