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Terapi Musik untuk Mengatasi Stres pada Pekerja

Masic Therapy to Cape With stress on Workers. The number of workers who experience job stress is increase rising and if not addressed can be loada of various parties. One of teh nursing therapies that could reduce these problems is the music therapy. This study aims to determine the effectiveness of music therapy to cope with work stress on workers in the production of PT Wong Coco Natar Subdistrict of South Lampung Regency, amounting to 566 people. The design of this study used quasi ekspresimen, by dividing the respondents into two groups, where one group was given a treat in the form of music therapy for 2 (two) hours within 6 (six) consecutive days, the study sample as many as 100 people with quota sampling techniquestailored to allocation of funds and research time test used is an Independent Test T Test for categorical variables using data for the study variables for the dependents and independent variables numerically. The results obtained T Test idependent test results obtained values of value

Pernyataan Tanggungjawab
Pengarang Dwi Agustanti - Personal Name
No. Panggil Jurnal Kesehatan, 2(1) 2011: 271-276
ISBN/ISSN 2086-7751
Subyek stress
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Penerbit Poltekes KemenkesTanjung Karang
Tahun Terbit 2011
Tempat Terbit Tanjung Karang
Deskripsi Fisik 5p.
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