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Judul Hubungan Kualitas Sanitasi Dasar dan Perilaku Ibu dengan Kejadian Diare pada Balita
No. Panggil Jurnal Penelitian Politeknik Kesehatan: 74(:287-29
ISBN/ISSN 1693-3753
Pengarang Ani Intiyati - Personal Name
krisnawati - Personal Name
Kusmini S - Personal Name
Subyek sanitation
Judul Seri
GMD Text
Bahasa Ina
Penerbit Politeknik Kesehatan Surabaya
Tahun Terbit 2009
Tempat Terbit Surabaya
Deskripsi Fisik 5p.
Abstrak/Catatan Diarrhea is one of several major causes of death, especially during childhood. Physical environmental factors, such as the drinking water quality, family toilet conditions and human behavioral aspects influence the occurrence of diarrheal diseases. The purpose of this research was to discover the relationship between the quality of basic sanitation services (drinking water quality and family toilet condition) and mothers behavior in relation to diarrhea. A total of 111 respondents were engaged in this study, living in Mijen hamlet of Sedengan village, Mijen Krian Sidoarjo. Research subjects were recruited a non probability sampling or simple random sampling technique. Data were processed Chi-square statistical test at a sensitivity level of 0.05. With resulted a calculated X² value of 37.7 and a table derived figure of x² as 3.841. Meanwhile, the relationship between mother health behavior and the occurrence of diarrhea indicated a calculated x² value of 18.56 and a the table derived figure of x² as 3.841, calculated at df = 1. The study concluded that there were significant relationship between the quality of basic sanitation services (drinking water quality and family toilet condition), mothers diarrhea related behavior and diarrheal experiences among children. It is suggested that household environmental condition, especially usage of family toilet, improvement of drinking water quality and improvement of mothers health related behavior through effective education. Community education is also needed to encourage appropriate behavior and to increased family working knowledge aiming at an understanding on the issue of diarrheal diseases in children.
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