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Title Pemilihan Penolong Persalinan oleh Ibu Hamil di Kabupaten Gresik
Call Number Jurnal Penelitian Politeknik Kesehatan: 7(3): 229-
ISBN/ISSN 1693-3753
Author(s) Netti Herlina - Personal Name
Miatuningsih - Personal Name
Julaiah - Personal Name
Series Title
GMD Text
Language Ina
Publisher Politeknik Kesehatan Surabaya
Publishing Year 2009
Publishing Place Surabaya
Collation 5p.
Abstract/Notes Safe delivery is a process of discharging viable conception product through normal delivery pathway with aids of appropriate delivery assistant. There are important factors to be observed in order to accomplish a safe, healthy and swift delivery. One of the important factors in a delivery process was the delivery assistant (www.wipedi org). The problem addressed by this study was the somewhat low mothers educational level. Since 2005 to 2006 deliveries assisted by traditional midwives or dukun bayi increased by 4%. The study was intended as a way of learning whether there is a relationship between mothers educational level with selection of preferred delivery assistant in Kabupaten Gresik. This was a crossectional study, involving 26 respondents recruited by simple random sampling. Naturally independent variable was the educational level and preference to delivery assistant was the dependent variable. Chi Square best at df 4 and 0.05 significant level was exercised in analyzing the data. Statistical results indicate that the calculated X²=30.929 > table derived X²=9.488, at calculated p value of 0.000 < table derived p value of 0.05. The meant that there was a relationship between mother’s educational level with preference to delivery assistant. The study therefore concluded that there is a relationship between mothers educational level with preference to delivery concluded that there is a relationship between mothers educational level with preference to delivery assistant, meaning that the higher their education levels are the better and more retional their judgment will be. As opposed to that finding, lesser education level will inhibit the development of favorable attitude and readiness to adopt new values, including proper selection of a delivery assistant
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